Don’t Rely On The Internet To Fix Your Water Damage

Don’t Rely On The Internet To Fix Your Water Damage

water damage restoration aurora co, water damage cleanup aurora coThe internet is full of answers, and in this modern world, we seemingly have the mysteries of the world unlocked at our fingertips. It takes one simple query entered in google to have a solution to any problem we can think of. However, there are some problems that shouldn’t be handled by Google or Youtube tutorials. This includes household problems, such as water damage. You wouldn’t Google how to save someone’s life in a moment of immediate emergency, so why should water damage in your home be any different? In fact, Do-It-Yourself water damage restoration is not only dangerous to everyone involved but can actually lead to bigger problems in the future. If you do find yourself at the mercy of Google in your water damage emergency, make a better, smarter decision to be searching up the number for your local water damage restoration service.

Most DIY projects are only cosmetic cover-ups for the real problem. “Quick-fixes” or “time-savers” are typically surface-level maintenance that appeals to the “out of sight, out of mind” complex. But when you choose to DIY a water disaster, you’re only covering up the underlying damage that can lead to mold growth and structural damage if not handled properly. Over time, these problems can spiral until you are living in a hazardous environment that is unsafe for everyone who enters.

Poorly patched-up water damage is the perfect breeding ground for hazardous molds that can cause serious respiration issues. One in ten Americans are allergic to mold, and prolonged exposure can land them or anyone with compromised immune systems in a hospital. The most difficult thing about handling mold is that it cannot always be seen. In fact, oftentimes it is either behind surfaces, invisible to the naked eye, or even airborne. Only professional restoration services are equipped to fully extract and eliminate mold in your home.

Not only can mold grow under the quick-fix remedies, but serious structural damage can occur when water damage is not properly handled. Water damage is rarely a simple matter, and usually, it affects not only what you can see, but deeper areas like under carpets, floorboards, walls, windowsills, and even the very foundation of your home. What may seem like simple paint bubbling could actually lead to warped floorboards, uneven window and door frames, rusted pipes, and cracked foundations. 

Furthermore, standing water that seems to be cleaned and repaired by towels and fans could contain harmful bacterias, contaminants, or even an electrical current if it has come into contact with exposed wiring. By entering the damage zone, you are putting yourself directly in harm’s way. If you really want to know the best thing to do when you have water damage in your home, the answer is simple. Turn off your water and power, and call a restoration company. A restoration company such as Team K is fully equipped to address and manage all of these underlying issues, and more. They will make the water damage repair process quick, painless, and as safe as possible. If you live in the Aurora area, you can call Team K, at (303) 660-6216 for immediate service.