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Are you trying to decide what kind of counters would go best in your new home, or what type of replacement countertops would be best in your break room remodeling project? No matter why you are considering replacing the surfaces in your kitchen or break area,Forefront is here to help you with your countertop installation needs! We’d love to speak with you about your budget and design preferences to help you choose the right countertop material to take your room from ordinary to extraordinary!

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When to Install New Countertops

Installing new counters in your home or office is a big decision. Sometimes this decision is made out of necessity, and other times, it is out of a desire for an updated space. If your countertops have been damaged by heat, have knife cuts, or are delaminating, they may be damaged beyond repair. Replacing them can restore beauty to your room. If you’d like to remodel your kitchen or office break area, choosing a new countertop that is a different color, material, and style might be just what you need to update the space. As always, we are here to walk you through the process of countertop installation from beginning to end, no matter why you are replacing your counters!

Types of Countertops


When you walk into a kitchen, laundry room, break room, or another area that has countertop workspaces, you’re likely to notice the color and texture of the counters. Choosing the right material for your new counters might seem overwhelming, but our experienced team is more than happy to show you several kinds of materials to help you decide what will work best in your space. We proudly offer high-quality countertop installation for granite, tile, laminate, and quartz surfaces.

Which will you choose?


Benefits of Granite Counters

Although granite can be more expensive than other materials, it pays for itself in terms its advantages over other types of counters. A few benefits of granite countertops include the following below. These are just a few advantages that granite has over other materials. To learn more about how you can benefit from the stunning material, contact us today to speak with our granite countertop installers!

Increased Property Value: Granite is seen as a premium material and can increase the value of your home or office.

Sanitary: Because granite is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria or germs.

Stain-resistance: Once sealed, granite is highly resistant to stains from spills.

Durability: You can cut on granite counters without worrying about scratches.

Heat Resistance: Granite is not damaged by hot pots and pans.


What is Quartz?

Quartz countertops have been popular in Europe for decades, and within the last 10 to 20 years, they have begun making a name for themselves in America, as well. There are a couple of different varieties of this desirable material, and while some countertops are derived from slabs of natural quartz, the vast majority are made from an engineered material. This new take on quartz involves a manufacturing process that mixes genuine quartz with polymer resins to create a beautiful, durable countertop material.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

If you are trying to decide between quartz counters and another type of material, it can be helpful to know the benefits of these stunning surfaces. Advantages of quartz countertops include:

Beautiful appearance: With their smooth, luminous appearance, quartz countertops provide stunning and sophisticated beauty that other materials don’t.

Durability: Quartz countertops resist corrosion and can last between 10 and 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Versatility: Engineered quartz comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it ideal for everything from shower enclosures and backsplashes to walls.

Near Perfection: Unlike granite slabs, quartz naturally has fewer imperfections. The absences of veins and divots make it easy to install.

Low Maintenance: Because of its composition, engineered quartz does not need to be sealed and can easily be cleaned with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser.

Sanitary: Unlike other natural stones and tiles, quartz is non-porous and will not harbor harmful germs and bacteria.


Benefits of Tile Countertops

If you’re on the fence between tile and another type of material, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with a few of the benefits that come along with new tile countertops. Some of these include the following below. If you think tile countertops might be right for your home or office, our design team would love to speak with you about the additional benefits of this versatile material, as well as discuss your budget and design preferences. Contact our team today!

Long-lasting: Tile countertops are designed to last for many, many years, improving their cost-effectiveness over other materials.

Low Maintenance: Aside from cleaning the grout lines on a regular basis, tile counters are very easy to maintain and clean.

Versatility: Available in many different shapes, colors, and textures, tile countertops allow for increased customization.

Affordability: Tile has a similar look to materials like granite and quartz but can be installed at a fraction of the cost.


Benefits of Laminate Counters

If you are on the fence between laminate countertops and another material, it can be helpful to know the advantages that come with installing this type of counter. Some benefits of laminate countertops include:

Long-lasting: If you are looking for a long-lasting countertop material, laminate delivers. With proper care, laminate countertops can easily last anywhere between 10 and 20 years.

Sanitary: Unlike stone, tile, and grout, laminate countertops are non-porous. This means you won’t have to worry about the surface trapping or harboring harmful germs and bacteria.

Low Maintenance: When it comes to maintaining your countertops, laminate makes it easier than you thought possible. You don’t have to worry about sealing or cleaning grout, only cleaning with a soft rag and a gentle cleanser.

Versatility: Because laminate is available in such a wide array of styles and colors, it is one of the most versatile materials around. Laminate can even replicate natural stone or wood patterns.

Affordability: Laminate is one of the most affordable countertop materials on the market today. Regardless of your budget, it is likely you will find several color and style options to choose from.

Colorado Countertop Installation

Are you remodeling your kitchen and searching for an affordable, yet durable countertop material? Perhaps you are in the process of selecting countertops for your new home? No matter why you have found yourself choosing countertop materials for your kitchen, the experts at Mountain Valley Floors are here to help you every step of the way. In addition to providing industry-leading flooring installation, our team has years of experience helping homeowners along the Front Range choose high-quality countertop materials and we can help you, too. Call 970-685-4763 today to speak with a design expert or request your free consultation online now!

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