Fire Damage Restoration Services

If your home or business has experienced a fire disaster, our team is available to help now! We have a 90-minute response time and we will work with your insurance company to help you get through the process smoothly. Don’t rely on another team that will not take the time to help YOU! Call now for 24/7 emergency fire damage cleanup and restoration in Colorado.

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Emergency Fire Board Up

After experiencing fire damage in your home or business, a key first task to complete is finding a professional fire damage company to complete the emergency fire board up and tarping. Our fire board services provide an extra layer of security to blown out windows, doors, and other exposed access points.

For homes and businesses damaged by fire, call Forefront Building & Restoration for 24/7 emergency response to your fire damage board up and tarping needs. You can count on our professional fire board up technicians to inspect and assess all damages upon arrival. Then, we get to work, boarding up windows, doors, and missing walls with plywood. Don’t leave your property’s fate in uncertain hands. Call Forefront to secure the premises during this uncertain time.

The Fire Restoration Process

Fire Damage Inspection

Upon arrival at your location, our team assesses the extent and severity of the fire damage. This helps us create a plan, as well as an accurate estimate and timeline.

Emergency Fire Board Up

Forefront secures the property by boarding up doors and windows, in addition to tarping any holes. Fire board up protects the property from vandals, animals, and the elements.

Water Extraction & Water Removal

Firefighters use large quantities of water to extinguish the fire. Left to sit, this water causes irreversible damage. We have the equipment to effectively extract all the water from your property and dry the area.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire damage cleanup involves removing water, fire damaged building materials, and other items to address soot and smoke damage.

Smoke Deodorization

Smoke damage penetrates all accessible surfaces, corroding the materials and leaving behind a lingering odor. Forefront’s fire damage restoration team employs advanced smoke deodorization techniques.

Fire Damage Repairs

Forefront is licensed and certified to complete fire damage repairs and reconstruction. Our fire restoration professionals conduct all work up to code.

Smoke And Soot Damage

Most people think that when the flames are out, the extent of the damage has been done. But that is not true. Fires can affect a home long after the flames have been diminished.

When smoke and soot are allowed to linger after a fire, extensive damage can happen and sometimes that damage is unrepairable. Soot left on particular surfaces, like glass, can permanently damage the material. Soot on glass will etch its way into the glass surface, destroying it completely. If smoke is not deodorized from a home, it can become impossible to remove. Always act fast after a fire to minimize the risk of damage to your home.

Forefront Building & Restoration has the experience and skill to know where smoke and soot linger after a fire and how to completely clean, sanitize, and restore the damage. Don’t delay – prevent additional damage to your property by calling now.


Commercial Fire Damage

When commercial properties are affected by fire damage, it’s important to take immediate action and call Forefront Building & Restoration for help. We will arrive on the scene immediately and can help you get your business back up and running in no time!

Forefront Building & Restoration is a reliable, honest team with locations throughout the state of Colorado and we want to help you recover from any type of fire or smoke disaster. If you need help after a fire, please call our team. We have live managers on call 24/7 and our professional team can handle any size disaster, big or small.

Call Forefront for 24/7 Fire Damage Help!

Fire Damage Repairs

Forefront Building & Restoration has seen ample fire damage repairs, which is how we have developed such a vast and extensive skillset. We are your trusted fire damage company, providing seamless fire damage repairs to return your space to its pre-loss condition.

Our crew has the proper fire damage repair tools, training, and expertise to handle your home or business with the care it deserves. Call Forefront, day or night, for comprehensive fire damage repairs. With quick turnaround times, a satisfaction guarantee, and accurate estimates, you can have confidence that we are the right fire restoration company for the job.

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